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Introduce KCC Products.


    Flooring Materials

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    Making a
    Nature Sense
    Create a pleasant living environment reminiscent of unspoiled nature.
    KCC produces and distributes a variety of flooring materials and interior finishing materials with various functions and designs that are suitable for various residential environments. KCC’s flooring materials bring pleasantness and comfort to our living environment thanks to their aesthetically sophisticated and elegant designs as well as their strength and practicality.

    Cost-Effective and Eco-friendly Flooring Materials

    KCC Sup is a new eco-friendly, easily maintained flooring material that comes in a variety of nature-inspired colors and patterns. Designed with eco-friendly plasticizers, it brings a sense of peace and calm to living environments and helps keep air fresh.


    KCC Sup Green
    The eco-friendly plasticizers in this anti-microbial flooring material can create a pleasant and relaxing living environment. It meets national standards on formaldehyde emissions and offers excellent durability and vivid designs since it is produced through cutting-edge manufacturing.
    KCC Sup Blue
    This high-quality product features a natural feel thanks to its balanced design and superior manufacturing. It uses eco-friendly plasticizers and its surface has received an anti-bacterial treatment.
    KCC Sup Auk
    This eco-friendly and health-conscious product contains actual jade, which has excellent anti-bacterial effects and offers a natural freshness. It creates a pleasant and healthy indoor environment since it uses eco-friendly plasticizers.
    KCC Sup Chungahram
    This is flooring material for the health-conscious since it contains the medicinal properties and aroma of red clay. It is heat and pressure resistant since it is laminated with a high-strength, non-woven fabric.
    KCC Sup Sori Hwaang
    This flooring material is produced using decalcomania. It refines a living space through specialized patterns and is especially easy to clean since its surface is coated with Clean Perfect 1K Plus.
    KCC Sup Sori Sonh
    This high-end flooring evokes a healthy energy and cozy warmth since it contains red clay. Its sound absorption has been enhanced with a highly elastic cushion layer, which provides added comfort when walking on it.


    # Product Name Attached file
    1 KCC SUP Whangtoh(Sonh) Flooring 파일첨부
    2 KCC SUP Whangtoh(Jeong) Flooring 파일첨부
    3 KCC SUP Whangtoh(Hwaang) Flooring 파일첨부
    4 KCC SUP Green Flooring 파일첨부
    5 KCC SUP Blue Flooring 파일첨부
    6 KCC SUP Auk Flooring 파일첨부

    Heavy duty Vinyl Sheet Flooring – highly Tactile and Vivid Flooring


    Superb Durability

    Chip inlaid to assure uniformity of pattern and color throughout the entire product

    Excellent Dimensional Stability

    Includes a special fiber layer that prevents heat-and moisture-induced shrinkage

    Various Interior Effects

    Pattern match installation produces brilliant flooring finishes

    Superior Antibacterial Performance

    Features an antibacterial finish for easier cleaning and maintenance


    Offices, Businesses, educational institutions, government offices, and other areas requiring refined interior finish and long-term durability

    Technical Data Sheet

    Composition and Manufacture

    Matrix: High quality vinyl

    Construction: Vinyl chips throughout the wear layer

    Backing: Non-woven fibrous reinforcement

    Product Specification

    Roll Size: 72in. (1.83m) width x 65.6 ft. (20m) length

    Overall Thickness: 0.08 in. (2.0mm)


    Test Performance

    Test Item Characteristics Test Results
    SenseStone SenseDyna SenseDura
    Product Specification ASTM 1303-02 TypeⅡ, Grade2 TypeⅡ, Grade2 TypeⅡ, Grade1
    Class A Backing Class A Backing Class A Backing
    Backing is suitable for installation on all grade levels
    Weight   5.12lbs/yd²(2.32kg) 5.80bs/yd²(2.63kg) 5.57lbs/yd²(2.52kg)
    Wear Layer Thickness ASTM F 410 0.047 in.(1.20mm) 0.04 in.(1.00mm) 0.04in.(1.27mm)
    Static Load Limit ASTM F 970 500 SPI(cm²)
    < 0.005 in.(0.13mm)
    Passes Passes Passes
    Flexibility ASTM F 137 No crack/break No crack No crack No crack
    Chemical Resistance ASTM F 925 No more than
    a slight change in surface
    No Change No Change No Change
    Residual Indentation ASTM F 1914
    Passes Passes Passes
    Radiant Flux ASTM E 648<0.45 watts/cm² Passes Passes Passes
    Smoke Density ASTM E 662<0.45 watts/cm² Passes Passes Passes
    # Product Name Attached file
    1 Commercial Flooring 첨부파일

    Flooring Materials with a Natural Feel

    These are suitable for frequently used floors and are highly cost-effective since they are easy to work with and maintain. In addition, they are manufactured to be heat and moisture resistant. They can be installed as per the client’s request since the tiles fit together perfectly. They are suitable for shopping malls, schools, large retail stores, department stores, buildings, restaurants, and hospitals.


    Sense Tile
    It is a flooring material with a natural feel with which you can express your taste and preference in an indoor environment since it comes in various designs and sizes.
    Sense Tile Trendy
    It is a cost-effective flooring material that can create various ambiences.
    Sense Tile Heim Standard
    It is an eco-friendly flooring material that has maximized its size stability with the application of a special G/F layer (glass fiber layer) and meets the specification criteria of the Korea Land & Housing Corporation.
    Sense Tile Heim Special
    It comes in the size of a laminate floor and has maximized its size stability with the application of a special G/F layer (glass fiber layer).
    Deluxe Tile
    It is a highly cost-effective flooring material that maintains beautiful patterns and elegant colors throughout the product’s lifespan due to the marble chips that have been designed in a well-balanced fashion.
    Excellent Tile
    It is an eco-friendly flooring material that has maximized its size stability with the application of a special G/F layer (glass fiber layer) and meets the specification criteria of the Korea Land & Housing Corporation.
    # Product Name Attached file
    1 PVC Tiles(SenseTile) 첨부파일 첨부파일
    2 PVC Tiles (SenseTile_Trendy) 첨부파일 첨부파일
    3 PVC Tiles (SenseTile_Heim) 첨부파일
    4 PVC Tiles (Deluxe Tile) 첨부파일
    5 PVC Tiles (Excellent Tile) 첨부파일

    Convenient and Cozy Indoor Environment

    Hardwood floors fit any interior thanks to their natural colors and universally pleasing wood grain finish. They also create a relaxing ambiance that can be sustained for a long time since they have excellent durability and are abrasion resistant.


    KCC Laminate Floor S/D
    It is a highly utilitarian product that has excellent durability and abrasion resistance. It can be used for commercial purposes. It is an eco-friendly hardwood flooring material that can be installed and repaired without the need for any adhesives.
    KCC Engineered Wood Floor
    It exhibits excellent durability thanks to its coating of bio anti-microbial paint. It is an elastic flooring material that absorbs sound and shocks and gives you a comfortable feel when you walk on it
    KCC HPM Hardwood Floor
    It is a hardwood flooring material that consists of an HPM layer and A-class waterproof plywood. It is scratch and cigarette-burn resistant. It can retain heat for a long time due to its high thermal conductivity. Thus, it can be directly installed on an oldol (traditional Korean underfloor heating system) floor.
    # Product Name Attached file
    1 GreenMaru (Klaus-S) 첨부파일
    2 GreenMaru (Klaus-D) 첨부파일
    3 GreenMaru (Zenia) 첨부파일
    4 GreenMaru (Callia) 첨부파일

    Safe and Utilitarian Anti-Slipping Flooring Material

    With numerous designs and colors, rubber tiles can create the exact ambiance desired. They have excellent sound absorption and cushioning properties that provide the interior designs and durability sought by businesses, commercial buildings, schools, sports facilities, and public facilities. They are especially suitable for areas that need non-slip surfaces.


    Designs Tailored to Create Various Types of Ambiences

    It creates a variety of ambiences tailored to your taste through the single-color process, mosaic process, or pattern process.

    Excellent Physical Properties

    It has excellent durability and abrasion resistance since it uses synthetic rubber and puts it through a thermo-compression bonding process.

    Non-slip Function

    It is safe due to its anti-slip function and does not need any additional equipment when it is installed on a staircase.

    Excellent Elasticity

    It has excellent sound absorption and cushioning properties due to its high elasticity.

    # Product Name Attached file
    1 Rubber Tiles 첨부파일

    Excellent on the Feet and Highly Workable

    Carpet tiles are high-end flooring that creates a cozy indoor environment through various styles and beautiful designs. Suitable for lodging and other commercial facilities, the tiles can also serve as a finishing material for raised access flooring since they give a nice feel when walked on. Carpet tiles are highly workable and absorb sound well.


    Various Designs

    It can create a distinctive and sophisticated indoor environment due to its various patterns, such as plain and striped.

    Excellent Walking Feel and Workability

    It has excellent cushion and sound absorption properties that give you a nice feel when you walk on it and creates a noise-free environment.

    Excellent Eco-friendliness

    It has obtained NS 140-2007e and “Green Label/Green Label Plus” from the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute). It also meets the criteria of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) (applies only to Shaw products).

    # Product Name Attached file
    1 Carpet Tiles 첨부파일

    Putting Cables out of Sight but not out of Reach

    Raised access floors create pleasant, safe office environments by relocating hazardous electrical cables under the floor.


    Steel Raised Access Floor
    Its upper and lower panels are made of steel, and it is a semi-permanent flooring material that can be widely used due to its excellent load resistance, durability, and strength. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective raised access floor that is recyclable and does not emit any environmentally hazardous materials.
    Inorganic –Based Raised Access Floor
    It is a new concept-inspired and inorganic-based raised access floor that uses FRC-based panels and applies Al Head to its pedestal set to prevent rust.
    # Product Name Attached file
    1 KDFLOOR (PS/ST/SC)  
    2 KDFLOOR (FC)