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    KCC’s plaster boards earn a carbon footprint label
    update : 2011-03-10

    In January, KCC became the first window manufacturer to receive a carbon footprint label for its window products. The company also earned, on March 10, the same certificate for its plaster boards

    Carbon footprint labels, which are developed and awarded by the Korean Environmental Industry and Technology, under the Ministry of the Environment, are given to eco-friendly businesses. To assess the eco-friendliness of a business, the state-run think tank calculates the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in an entire product cycle ranging from production to transportation, use and disuse, and then converts the amount to the CO2 emissions.

    KCC’s plaster board products are widely used as walls and partitions in residential homes, including apartment units.

    The receipt of carbon footprint labeling certification as well as an eco label and HB mark will boost KCC’s image as a leading eco-friendly company.

    KCC said it will keep developing eco-friendly, functional products to meet the needs of consumers who prioritize the protection of their health and the environment and will remain in line with the government’s “low carbon green growth” and “green home” policies.

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