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    Korea Autoglass Corporation donates 5 billion won towards Japan’s recovery from a massive earthquake
    update : 2011-03-16

    To help Japan recover from the latest massive earthquake to hit it, Korea Autoglass Corporation (KAC) delivered, on March 16, five billion won to the Community Chest of Korea at KCC’s head office, with KCC CEO Chung Mong-ik, KAC CEO Joo won-sik and Vice CEO Hideyuki Ohikashi in attendance.

    KAC, which produces safety glass for automobiles in cooperation with the Asahi Glass Company of Japan, donated the money towards Japan’s swift recovery from the earthquake that caused the huge loss both of life and property.

    KAC said, “We offer words of consolation to Japan in this time of high losses of human life and property due to the massive earthquake.” KAC added, “Hopefully, our company’s donation will touch off donation campaigns to help Japan recover from the disaster.”

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