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    VICENTI becomes an integrated brand for KCC’s interior film products
    update : 2011-04-08

    KCC has changed “Sense Film,” the brand name of its interior film products, to “Interior Film VICENTI,” while preserving the existing “VICENTI” brand as it is. KCC believes the integrated brand “VICENTI” will enable the company to secure a consistent brand image and boost brand recognition of its interior film products.

    “VICENTI” is widely used by builders to finish the furniture used in the residential homes they build. By contrast, “Interior Film VICENTI” is a commercial, easy-to-use, and adhesive interior film. It is used by interior decorating businesses for office interior works.

    KCC’s VICENTI products have luxurious and elegant colors and patterns and excellent textures that are in line with the latest design trends and which make them suitable for high-class, luxury interior works. In particular, KCC joined hands with overseas companies specializing in this area for pattern and roll development. Due to such efforts, the esthetic value of the VICENTI product range was significantly enhanced. The company also applied an embossed finish to create a texture of natural wood.  

    KCC will concentrate its energy on carving out new markets through aggressive overseas marketing and step up its efforts to enhance product quality and develop new designs that can cater to customers around the world.

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