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    KCC “Green Maru Zenia” obtains a carbon footprint label
    update : 2011-05-20

    KCC’s flooring product “Green Maru Zenia” has obtained a carbon footprint label.

    Carbon footprint labels, which are developed and awarded by the Korean Environmental Industry and Technology, under the Ministry of the Environment, are given to eco-friendly businesses. To assess the eco-friendliness of a business, the state-run think tank calculates the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during an entire product cycle ranging from production to transportation, use and disuse, and then converts the amount to CO2 emissions. Buildings that use products with carbon footprint labels can easily obtain an environmentally-friendly building certificate. Buildings with such certificates are exempt from acquisition and registration taxes.

    “Green Maru Zenia” is KCC’s representative eco-friendly flooring material that emits less harmful substances. “Green Maru Zenia” is made of high-quality dry patterned wood and 1st-grade waterproofed plywood helps to create a comfortable indoors atmosphere. As it is made of wood, the eco-friendly flooring product is flexible and absorbs noise and impacts. In addition, its excellent thermal conductivity makes it ideal for “ondol,” the traditional Korean floor heating.  

    KCC also obtained carbon certification for its window products in January, plaster boards in March, and PVC flooring materials in April.

    A KCC source said, “With the receipt of the certificate, our eco-friendly technology for flooring materials was officially recognized.” He added, “KCC will continue to exert itself to become established as an eco-friendly green company by developing eco-friendly products and technologies.”

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