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    A new production line for automobile glass opens in Yeoju
    update : 2011-06-13

    KCC has established a mass-production facility for safe glass for cars that has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.

    KCC held, on June 9, the completion ceremony for its new glass production line at its Yeoju plant in Yeoju Gyeonggi Province. More than 200 people were in attendance, including KCC CEO Chung Mong-ik and representatives from domestic and overseas partners. The construction of the new production line, which will produce 300 tons of glass a day, began February 2009 and took 18 months to complete. 

    KCC’s Yeoju factory built the first production in Korea line for plate glass in 1988 and began producing safe glass for automobiles. With its increasing market share, the company added more production lines and has been operating four plate glass production lines since 2004.

    The new production line is designed to produce high-quality glass in a stable manner. It can adjust the manufacturing speed so as to produce glass at an optimal temperature and prevent warping. It incorporated a special process to reduce the bubbles and surface defects that affect quality and production yield. The new production line is also able to manufacture thin glass with a thickness of less than 1.5 millimeters, laying the groundwork for the development of glass molding technology.

    With the demand for high-quality automobiles increasing, the need for lightweight cars with improved functions is growing. To satisfy such a need, KCC produces a variety of high-quality glass, such as solar glass and privacy glass, through the development of various compositions and improved quality, molding and production technologies. Moreover, the company has continuously improved its thin glass manufacturing technologies as evidenced by the production of 1.8 millimeter-thick car glass.

    The installation angle of windshields is being reduced due to changes in car design. Increasing glass curvature results in objects outside of a car looking bent. This obstructs a driver’s field of vision and threatens their safety. Against this backdrop, KCC has improved production processes in the new line and has reduced warping by adjusting the glass molding speeds.

    Furthermore, KCC has changed its quality assessment method from penetration to reflection assessment in order to improve quality.

    A KCC source said, “We have added a new production line to supply high-quality car glass that can satisfy the ever increasing needs of consumers. We will become a major global player in glass production by supplying high-quality glass that exceeds the global standards.”

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