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    Flooring material integrated brand “KCC Sup” released
    update : 2011-06-07
    KCC unveiled KCC Sup, the company’s integrated brand for eco-friendly flooring materials. The creation of the integrated brand is a joint green marketing strategy for all of the company’s flooring material brands and is aimed at generating synergy. The product lines that will come under the wing of the integrated brand include PVC flooring sheets, residential floor materials and PVC tiles,

    Referring to “forest” in Korean,
    Sup highlights KCC’s eco-friendly image. KCC Sup embodies the refreshing attributes of a forest, the freshness of clear air, communication between humans and nature, and the harmony between the various living creatures in a forest, according to the company. 

    The KCC Sup brand products use environmentally-friendly plasticizers to offer healthier and more comfortable living spaces. By using natural colors and patterns, they have also incorporated a green concept into their designs. The products mostly come in warm and bright colors and provide wooden textures. To add
    green to its flooring materials, KCC developed diverse tree patterns and improved its printing techniques.

    To provide a comfortable home environment and help consumers feel the presence of nature in their homes, KCC has produced high-quality flooring materials with excellent designs and put much effort into making its products eco-friendly and releasing a host of products that carry eco labels.

    In this sense, the release of the integrated brand “KCC Sup” is in line with KCC’s commitment to creating indoor living spaces that seem to have been made using natural materials. In addition, the “KCC Sup” brand will consolidate KCC’s image as an eco-friendly company.

    Going forward, KCC will strive to establish the “KCC Sup” brand as the leading eco-friendly flooring material brand, thus gaining consumer trust when they use “KCC Sup” brand products in their indoor living spaces.
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