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    KCC to recruit overseas talent to help it grow into a global company
    update : 2011-07-07

    KCC has moved into high gear to realize its goal of becoming one of the world's top fine chemical companies by announcing a plan to draw overseas talent.

    The company said it will this year recruit more than 80 competent foreign employees in various fields, such as glass and paints, and organic and non-organic materials, including polysilicon.

    To help overseas applicants save time and money, the company will conduct video interviews. The video interview system will involve a videophone and offer file transmission.

    This recruitment plan is part of KCC's strategy to consolidate its status as a technology-based market leader through the development of global products, continuous and aggressive investment and the nurturing of global talent.

    In an effort to maintain the company's technological edge, improve product quality, and accelerate research and development, which is the basis of manufacturing
    "one and only"
    products and generating high added value, KCC will discover outstanding overseas researchers and secure a pool of high-quality human resources.

    A KCC source said, "The plan to recruit top-level overseas human resources refers to securing technical professionals from technologically advanced countries, such as the U.K and Japan. The new hires will conduct research, develop new products, and help upgrade KCC's technologies. We hope all this will lead to the expansion of the company's global market share."
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