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    U.S. ROTC cadets visit KCC’s Yeoju plant
    update : 2011-07-07
    More than 20 cadets from the U.S. Reserve Officers' Training Corps visited KCC’s Yeoju plant on July 5.

    U.S. ROTC cadets visited Korea to mark the 50th anniversary of the Korean ROTC, and their visit to the KCC plant was part of the cultural exchanges between Korean and the U.S. Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

    Arriving at the KCC Yeoju plant, the American ROTC cadets watched promotional videos about the KCC Group, were briefed on glass production processes by Yeoju plant staff and took a tour of the plant.

    Looking around the glass production lines, the cadets were enthralled by what they were seeing for the first time in their lives.

    Lieut. Col. Lewis Doyle, leader of the cadet delegation, said,
    Getting a firsthand look at how glass is produced was really interesting. We were also deeply impressed by the KCC Yeoju plant’s technological prowess. He added, I’d like to express my gratitude to KCC, one of Korea’s leading companies, for allowing us to visit its Yeoju plant.
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