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    KCC Window Film makes its debut
    update : 2011-07-13
    KCC has unveiled "KCC Window Film" a glass window film. The new product comes in three types: high-performance safety film, high-efficiency insulation film, and luxury interior film.

    The high-performance safety film e-FILM-SAFETY ensures safety by preventing the scattering of broken glass in the event of earthquakes and explosions. It can be used for glass balustrades, store windows, shower booths, school windows and public facilities where safety is a priority.

    The demand for glass film has been low due to the lack of regulations on the mandatory use of glass film for bathrooms. However, tightening regulations and increased consumer safety concerns will boost the demand for KCC's glass film products.

    The high-efficiency insulation film e-FILM-INSULATION possesses high insulation qualities. The product wards off solar heat in the summer and blocks the leakage of indoor thermal energy in the winter. This way it helps significantly cut space conditioning costs. 

    The product is suitable for high-rise residential buildings, government offices, skyscrapers, and ordinary residential homes that consume a large amount of energy. It also shuts out ultraviolet rays to reduce UV-induced skin cancer, cataracts, freckles and skin aging. It prevents discoloration or decolorization of indoor articles as well.

    The luxury interior film e-FILM-ART protects privacy and creates sophisticated living spaces through fine designs. The product is suitable for places where privacy is required, conference rooms and glass partitions.
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