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    Korea Silica renamed KCC Mineral Resources
    update : 2011-08-02
    KCC announced on August 1 that Korea Silica Co. had been renamed KCC Mineral Resources Co., or KMR.

    KMR is a mine operator that produces silica, dolomite, and casmite. Headquartered in Gaegok-ri, Gapyeoung-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi Province, the company has mines in Yeongwol as well as Gapyeong.

    The renaming reflects the company's commitment to securing a corporate image consistent with that of its parent company, KCC, and expanding its business at home and abroad by developing more diverse kinds of mineral resources.

    As part of the business expansion strategy, KMA recently purchased an anorthosite mine. Anorthosite is the raw material for mineral wool.

    A KMA source said, "
    Korea Silica, which began with a single mining station in Gapyeong, has always focused on producing silica, the raw material for glass. With the company" renaming, we will go beyond producing silica and expand our business areas to include the production of other mineral resources. We will also develop natural resources in foreign lands to evolve into a global company.
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