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    KCC’s highly heat-insulating PVC doors and windows maximize energy efficiency
    update : 2011-09-26

    Heat is lost the most through doors and windows among the various components of a building. Unlike ceilings, flooring or walls, doors and windows are exposed directly to the outside, and hence it is impossible to increase energy efficiency without preventing heat energy from leaking through doors and windows.


    Currently, KCC applies various high-performance glasses in order to create energy saving designs in the doors and windows area, and has been supplying them to the Korean market. Notably, it is essential to apply high heat-insulation, high-performance sealing products to exterior doors and windows - a building component through which a massive volume of heat escapes. Additionally, growing attention has been focusing on functional glass that incorporates diverse types of functional glass that are superior in quality and more effective in preventing heat loss.


    In the door and window field, KCC is keeping a leading position in the market by banking on its 3 TOP system. 3 TOP refers to a system in which KCC produces and supplies three core components for doors and windows, including window frames, glass and sealant, and has them installed through professional processing agencies that are validated by KCC. This system incorporates KCC’s core technologies that maximize overall heat insulation, water proofing, and sound insulation in doors and windows. Through advanced technology based on the 3 TOP system, KCC ranked first in the window set category of the KS-QEI, which is organized by the Korea Standard Organization, for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010.


    Notably, KCC has developed a building-mounted photovoltaic (BIPV) system, which can generate energy by installing solar cells on windows, curtain wall-type system doors and windows made of PVC, and a triple multi-layer glass  comprised of three layers of glass, which effectively enhance the heat insulation of a building.


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