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    KCC participates in ‘JAPAN HOME & BUILDING SHOW 2011’
    update : 2011-10-04

    The ‘JAPAN HOME & BUILDING SHOW 2011’, a specialized exhibition for construction materials, auxiliary materials and facilities for housing, took place at Ariake Big Sight in Tokyo from September 28 to 30. The JAPAN HOME & BUILDING SHOW, which marked its 33rd event this year, is a professional exhibition aimed at promoting business and information sharing by bringing together products, technologies and services that address the remaining challenges in the construction-related industries and that expedite technological development.


    KCC displayed a wide variety of construction materials, including doors and windows, glass sheets, ceiling materials, heating materials and insulators, and flooring and decorative materials, and expanded awareness of KCC’s construction materials in the Japanese market, while conducting proactive marketing activities targeting the general public interested in construction materials as well as professionals.


    Among KCC’s products on display, PVC doors and windows, low-E pair glass  and triple multi-layer glass  drew keen attention as high-performance heat insulating materials. Also, KCC displayed its flagship heat insulation materials, including glass wool and mineral wool, which are high energy-efficiency products that effectively prevent the loss of heat energy from a building. Unlike organic heat insulating materials, they do not emit harmful gases in the event of a fire and block fire from spreading, offering a high level of fire safety. Notably, the vacuum insulating material is an insulator that is produced by inserting a core material into a sealed enveloping material and leaving the interior in a vacuum state. Compared with conventional heat-insulating materials, this highly functional product offers a level of insulation that is more than eight times that of conventional heat insulating materials.


    Meanwhile, PVC flooring materials constitute a lineup of products that harmoniously integrate eco-friendly functionality and emotional design based on the concept of “space just like nature.” These products drew keen attention from audience members. Lami Film, an elegant interior finishing material, offers the perfect luxurious premium design through the presentation of elegant and beautiful colors, patterns, and textures by reflecting the latest trends.  


    A KCC official said, “Through the exhibition, we effectively introduced KCC products and provided accurate information on them to professionals and others involved in the industry, gained knowledge on the latest technology and trends in the advanced construction markets, and exchanged professional knowledge for extending the lifespan of buildings and increasing their value. As such, it provided us with a useful opportunity for information sharing.”

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