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    KCT Turkish affiliate donates funds to support recovery from earthquake in Van
    update : 2011-11-21

    KCT’s Turkish affiliate handed over 80,000 Turkish lira (about 50 million won as of end-October) to the Kacaeli branch of the International Red Crescent to help victims of the earthquake that hit the Van region in northern Turkey on October 23.


    Ha Jang-soo, chief of the KCT Turkish affiliate, said, “We have made the donation to help the region that suffered damage and incurred casualties due to the disastrous earthquake in Turkey. It is our hope the region overcomes this disaster as quickly as possible and that every quake victim receives help,” in expressing his consolation and paying condolence to the victims reeling from the disaster. By returning part of its corporate profit, KCT also conveyed its strong commitment to coexist with the local community.


    Since its establishment in September 2006, the KCT Turkish affiliate has been producing KCC’s coatings, including those for automobiles, PCM coating, powder coatings and vessel coatings, and has been supplying them to the Middle East, Russian and European markets, as well as the Turkish domestic market.

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