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    KCC’s two vessel coatings, and ceramic for VI win World Best Product Awards
    update : 2011-12-23

    KCC’s vessel coatings, ‘Seacare A/F795’ and ‘Korepox EH2350,’ and its ‘ceramic for VI’ (Vacuum Interrupter), an insulation and vacuuming material for electrical and electronic parts, have been named the World’s Best Products by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.


    The World’s Best Products are presented by the Korea Product Center to cultivate products that will spearhead Korea’s export industry. They are Korean products that have a top five global market share and control five percent of the global market (among products with a global market valued at $50 million or more or those that have an annual export value amounting to $5 million or more).


    ‘Seacare A/F795’ is KCC’s flagship vessel paint. This product was developed with the view to protecting ships from long-term contact and sedimentation by seawater and from marine organisms that find vessels a habitat. KCC’s anti-fouling coatings increase operational efficiency of a vessel by stopping the attachment of the various marine organisms that increase the costs for vessel operation. Thus, a vessel’s fuel cost is directly reduced to generate economic benefits.


    ‘Korepox EH2350’ is a protective coating with strong salinity and corrosion resistance. It helps prevent rust and protects steel structures, including tanks, pipes and warehouses, in a vessel that requires long term protection in an environment with severe marine corrosion. Since its development in 1993, the product has earned recognition from world leading ship owning companies and shipbuilders. It has earned all of the major certifications from the major shipping organizations, including American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd’s Register , to demonstrate its outstanding characteristics. 


    The ceramic for VI is used in a vacuum circuit breaker, which switches on and off during normal times and shuts off a circuit in the event of an abnormal electrical current. Notably, it is used to shutdown high electrical voltage. Since KCC first entered the ceramic for VI market, which was effectively dominated by U.S. and Japanese companies in 1992, it completed mass production lines at its Jeonju Plant in 1998 and started commercial production in earnest. Since then, the company has constantly improved quality and managed a stable supply. It thus began to win over its global rivals in 2006 by securing the largest global market share in the VI ceramics market.

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