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    KCC’s eco-friendly sealant becomes first in industry to win carbon labeling certification
    update : 2012-04-16

    KCC became the first in the industry to win carbon labeling certification for four of its sealant products - Koreseal SL999, SL1000, SL819, and SL907 Premium - last year. Recently, the company introduced a lineup of alkoxy type products that do not emit MEKO substances when hardened. MEKO is a substance that is regulated as a potentially harmful material in Europe. Going forward, KCC plans to further expand its lineup of alkoxy type products and develop them into advanced, eco-friendly products. Through these efforts, the company expects it will make a major splash through eco-friendly silicone both in Korea and overseas.

    The recently developed alkoxy type “SL999” is a non-polluting  silicone sealant that is used as an exterior finishing material on buildings. This one component type product  has been designed to be easy to use yet offer a high bonding capacity, strong elasticity of the coating, and weather-resistance. Notably, the material presents semi-permanent weather-resistance vis-à-vis ultraviolet light, acid rain, snow and ozone, and thus is a material most suitable for the exterior finishing of buildings. The product is also non-polluting .

    The alkoxy type “SL1000” is a one component type , neutral, non-fluidic  silicon sealant. Superior in heat- and cold-resistance, this product was developed exclusively as a sealant for doors and windows. Easy to use, the product offers high flexibility and dynamic stability and is superior in safety and bonding capacity despite temperature changes.

    A KCC official said, “KCC is constantly investing in the development of eco-friendly functional products in tune with consumer demand and governmental policy-making, including the pursuit of ‘low carbon green growth, green home.’” He added, “In the future, we will develop all of our products as alkoxy type products, and thus meet consumer demand for eco-friendliness.”

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