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    KCC participates in ‘PCIM EUROPE 2012’ inorganic materials exhibition’
    update : 2012-05-11

    “PCIM 2012 (Power Conversion Intelligent Motion),” the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to inorganic materials, took place in Germany for three days from May 8. KCC displayed EMC, a semiconductor encapsulant, new material products for semiconductors, and DCB boards used in power semiconductors at the event, which is the world’s only exhibition for DCB related products. 

    PCIM EUROPE 2012 is the world’s largest exhibition dedicated exclusively to semiconductor equipment, and electrical and electronic materials. Notably, KCC exhibited organic and inorganic materials for electrical and electronic products, which are its future growth engine, and silicone products. During the exhibition, more than 120 global companies visited KCC’s exhibition booths. KCC comprehensively displayed DCB (Direct Copper Bonding) substrates, silicone gel, and EMC and conducted onsite sales and marketing activities, while widely promoting its products to client companies.

    DCB is short for “Direct Copper Bonding Substrate” and plays an important role in maintaining the efficiency and credibility of the high-performance wafer chips used in power modules. Apart from the basic DCB circuit boards, KCC displayed a highly functional AlN DCB board, AlN AMB board, and Met’s board and showcased its proprietary ceramic bare boards in a strategy to differentiate itself from its rival companies. The exhibition provided a great opportunity for KCC to highlight the diversity of its semiconductor material product range.

    KCC sought to effectively promote its products and conduct an advance marketing campaign targeting potential customers of semiconductor materials. Notably, the company advertised the fact that it comprehensively supplies DCB boards for power modules, as well as silicone gel and EMC, to countries around the world, while introducing the distinguished materials technologies it has to offer.

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