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    KCC participates in ‘POSIDONIA vessel materials exhibition’
    update : 2012-06-08

    “POSIDONIA,” the world’s largest exhibition of vessel materials, took place in Athens, Greece, for five days from June 4. KCC, which was participating in the exhibition for the fourth time, installed independent booths and introduced its quality products to world leading ship-owner companies, drawing keen attention.

    Held biennially, POSIDONIA is one of the world’s top three vessel materials exhibitions along with the “Nor-Shipping exhibition” in Norway, and the “SMM exhibition” in Germany. It is the largest exposition in Greece and brings together shipbuilders, shipping firms, producers and exporters of vessel materials together with shipping and maritime organizations. With the first exhibition held in 1969, POSIDONIA marks its 23rd event this year and brings together world leading dockyards, companies engaged in vessel-related devices and materials companies, including major producers of vessel coatings, navigation devices, and vessel engines. This year’s event was the largest yet and saw some 1,800 companies from 87 countries worldwide participating.

    During the exhibition, KCC displayed its silyl type anti-fouling paint “EgisPacific,” a fuel-saving paint, and installed advertising panels for “Korepox EH2030,” a nanotechnology-derived product, and the silicone-based “Korexane ST1020” in its booth. The company also showcased practical applications for its insulation materials, flooring materials, glass, and silicone, seeking to increase the promotional impact.

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