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    KCC inaugurates Gimcheon plant for cutting-edge insulation material production
    update : 2012-06-13

    KCC inaugurated Korea’s largest plant for the production of high-performance, inorganic insulation materials and started commercial operation, in earnest, in July. The plant will enable the company to secure a dominant capacity of 65 percent of the domestic production of the material. The major products of KCC’s Gimcheon plant include ultrahigh temperature, non-flammable insulation materials, including Refractory Ceramic Fiber, and bio-dissoluble Bio Cerakwool. By producing such eco-friendly, high quality, and high performance products, the company is expected to continuously maintain its reputation as the top producer of insulation materials in Korea.

    KCC started its inorganic, insulation materials business by producing thermal insulation materials for industrial plants in 1978. KCC generated great momentum in the business in 1984 when it successfully developed Cerakwool. Then, it started producing products for vessels and buildings, emerging as Korea’s unrivaled top supplier of insulation materials. Currently, KCC is producing glass wool, mostly used in construction mineral wool for industrial plants and Cerakwool, which can be used in an environment with high temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Celsius. Indeed, the company supplies non-flammable, thermal insulation materials to different industrial fields ranging from those for various power plants, including nuclear and thermal power plants, steelmaking, refinery, and shipbuilding.

    The Gimcheon plant meets the demands for environmental friendliness based on its eco-friendly production facilities. Also, with a wide variety of the latest environmental facilities and eco-friendly production facilities in place, the Gimcheon plant has emerged as a top-class, low-carbon, high-efficiency, eco-friendly production plant.

    Bio Cerakwool, a key product of the Gimcheon plant, easily dissolves in the body and thus boasts the best quality in the terms of safety. KCC became the third company in the world to develop Bio Cerakwool. The product has met the standards of the “EU Fiber Regulatory Committee ,” which evaluates the safety of fibers in the body the European animal testing standard (EU directive 67 / 548 EWG) and the human body-dissoluble testing standard (TRGS 905) of Germany. It is a safe, ultrahigh temperature, non-flammable insulation material, which is instantly discharged from the body when inhaled. 

    Also, the product offers high mechanical strength, and strong resistance and chemical durability vis-à-vis distortion in a high temperature environment. Since it demonstrates very low heat-conductivity at high temperatures, it reduces heat loss due to the ‘accumulation of heat” in materials used in furnaces, including “blast furnaces,” “electric furnaces”, and “diffusion furnaces .” The material is 1/5th lighter than firebricks and elastic and thus can be installed in many different environments. It is also highly versatile due to its far-reaching utility as a filler material and is a non-flammable material, insulation material and sound-absorbing material. Indeed, its helps cut fuel costs due to its high insulation efficiency.

    KCC plans to develop the Gimcheon plant into a “plant specialized in inorganic fiber, non-flammable insulation materials,” and establish an “inorganic fiber technology institute” in Gimcheon in a bid to accelerate the development of next-generation, eco friendly, high-performance insulation materials. With the aim of “developing the world’s best insulation materials,” KCC will continue its R&D drive to develop ultrahigh-performance insulation materials that incorporate eco-friendly, high-performance factor technology.

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