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    KCC inaugurates Ulsan Plant
    update : 2012-07-05

    Having made a massive investment, KCC has completed a new factory for the production of paints and resins. With five stories and one underground level, the plant comes with a combined floor space of 50,483 sq. meters and has started commercial production. KCC held the inaugural ceremony for Ulsan New Plant at its Ulsan plant in Bangeo-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City, on July 4, and started, in earnest, production of state-of-the-art, eco-friendly paints and resins. In attendance at the ceremony were KCC Group Chairman Chung Mong-jin, and representatives from domestic and foreign partners and suppliers. 

    The construction of KCC’s Ulsan New Plant began in September 2009, with the aim of increasing productivity through process and control automation and the expansion of batch size, which would lead to enhancing the quality of the paints and resins and improving the environment. The new plant has been completed after some 20 months. The major products from the plant include automobile paints and synthetic resins. The plant has an annual output of 57,000 tons, which will rise to 140,000 tons when its phased expansion is completed. 

    Notably, KCC’s Ulsan New Plant is drawing all the more attention because it was designed to produce eco-friendly, high-quality paints with the introduction of advanced systems and state-of-the-art production facilities. Ulsan New Plant adopts an automated system that allows for centralized control of facility operation, while all the systems in the plant are designed to fundamentally block foreign materials from being externally introduced. As such, the plant was constructed as a “clean plant” to preemptively prevent quality defects and control and keep records of the entire production process, ranging from production to product application through to automation, efficient operation of facilities and visualization of production, aiming to achieve zero-defects in quality.

    A KCC official said, “Ulsan New Plant has been constructed with the view to producing eco-friendly, high quality paints and resins that meet consumer demand and expectations that continue to escalate. We will continue to maintain our reputation as a world-leading company in the paint market by producing products that exceed the global standards,” in disclosing the company’s plan.

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