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    KCC participates in SMM, world’s largest ship materials exhibition
    update : 2012-09-03

    KCC, Korea’s largest paint producer, said it will participate in SMM 2012(Shipbuilding Machinery&Marine Technology International Trade Fair Hamburg 2012), the international maritime trade fair that takes place from September 4-7 in Hamburg, Germany. 

    SMM, which marks its 25th event this year, is a world-renowned ship materials and equipment exhibition, which is held every other year. SMM is one of the world’s three largest ship and shipbuilding exhibitions along with NORSHIPPING of Norway, and POSIDONIA of Greece. More than 50,000 people and over 2,000 companies from 60 countries are expected to attend the event this year. At the exhibition, KCC will introduce and promote its vessel and plant paints and coatings and will compete with the world’s leading vessel paint companies, including IP, JOTUN, HEMPEL, and NIPPON.

    ‘EGISPACIFIC’, which will be displayed at the exhibition, is KCC’s flagship anti-pollution paint for vessels. The bottom of a vessel, which cruises on the surface of the sea, is often metaphorically compared with the tires for automobiles, and ‘EGISPACIFIC’ is a product of KCC’s know-how in vessel paints. It protects a boat bottom from marine organisms, such as barnacles, and makes the bottom smooth to ensure that the vessel can cruise seamlessly.

    ‘EGISPACIFIC’ illustrates that paint technology can significantly enhance vessel energy efficiency. The theme of this year’s event is innovative technology that saves energy and protects the environment. Under the slogan “For the Next Generation, KCC Thinks of Nature First,” KCC plans to present its energy saving vessel paint solution.

    A KCC source said, “We are confident that we can compete with any of the world’s leading vessel paint companies,” in expressing his confidence that KCC’s vessel paints and materials will be highly sought after in the overseas markets as well.

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