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    KCC wins top prize in three categories of 2012 KS-QEI
    update : 2012-09-19

    KCC won top prize in the three categories of water paints, PVC flooring products, and sealants at the awards ceremony for the ‘2012 Korean Standard-Quality Excellence Index’ (KS-QEI), which is hosted by the Korea Standards Association and supported by the Korean Society for Quality Management.

    The KS-QEI is an assessment model that was jointly developed by reflecting consumer satisfaction and product characteristic. Indeed, it represents a comprehensive index, for which the level of product quality and consumer satisfaction was obtained from purchasers of the company’s products and product experts, and the results of which are publicized accordingly. Since the KS-QEI reflects not only consumer opinion but also expert evaluation, the survey is considered especially credible.

    A KCC source said, “We are very pleased to win the prizes because KCC products have been recognized for product quality by not only experts but also consumers who have experienced the products. The honor is especially significant because we have been picked as the No. 1 company in the two categories of water paints and PVC flooring products for three consecutive years, while the sealant made the list for the first time this year.” The source added, “Through constant development of technology and research into the industry trends, we will continue to satisfy consumers’ needs and further boost the competitiveness of our products in the future.”

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