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    KCC certified as ‘best Korean company’ in construction materials category of the Dow Jones Sustainable Management Index
    update : 2012-10-09

    KCC (CEO Chung Mong-ik) said, on October 9, that it had won certification as the best Korean company in the construction materials field at the ‘2012 Dow Jones Sustainable Management Index Ceremony’ held in the Dynasty Hall at Shilla Hotel, in Seoul.

    Of the 200 Korean companies that were assessed this year, 52 firms, or 25 percent, of the 28 industrial sectors made the list of best companies. With the certification, KCC has consolidated its status as the best company in the industry, while consolidating its image as a specialized producer of construction materials.

    The DJSI(DJSI : Dow Jones Sustainability Indxes) enlists firms that are selected through a comprehensive assessment, including in financial performance, environmentally-friendly management, economic viability concerning corporate governance and the management of partner firms, and sociability regarding corporate social responsibility and stakeholder participation.

    Notably, DJSI Korea, the first national level DJSI in the world, was developed jointly by the Korea Productivity Center indices supplied by Dow Jones and Standard & Poor's, the world-renowned financial information firm and Sustainable Asset Management, an agency dedicated to sustainability evaluation. As a global standard that evaluates the sustainability of domestic companies, the index has earned global credibility.

    A KCC official said, “KCC’s listing in the construction materials category of the DJSI Korea represents recognition of KCC’s sustainable management system and its resulting business performance.” The official added, “Going forward, KCC will strive to take a leap towards becoming a world-class player in the construction materials sector.”

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