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    KCC Deluxe Tile validated as ‘low carbon footprint’ product
    update : 2012-10-16

    KCC (CEO Chung Mong-ik) said, on October 16, that the “KCC Deluxe Tile” had won official recognition as an eco-friendly, greenhouse-reducing product by winning certification as a low carbon footprint product from the Korean Environmental Industry & Technology Institute.

    Manufactured with a special vinyl chloride, KCC’s Deluxe Tile is a product that boasts strong durability and is anti-abrasive, dirt-proof and easy to install. It is an eco-friendly flooring material that minimizes the emission of harmful substances and is appropriate for the flooring of commercial buildings with heavy pedestrian traffic.

    The carbon footprint labeling system, which was introduced in February 2009, calculates the volume of greenhouse gases emitted in the entire production process, ranging from the purchase of materials to the production, distribution and use of a product, converts it in to a volume of carbon dioxide and publicizes it. By marking the volume of carbon dioxide on a product for circulation on the market, the system aims to promote the consumption of products with lower carbon footprints and thus galvanize low carbon, green production by companies.

    KCC’s Deluxe Tile won the “certificate of eco-friendliness,” presented by the Ministry of Environment to products with eco-friendly functionality, including resources recycling, energy saving, and cuts in pollutant emission, in January this year, before acquiring carbon footprint certification. As such, it has acquired validation for eco-friendliness (reduction of greenhouse gases) for not only the product itself but also for the entire product lifecycle ranging from production to disposal.

    A KCC official said, “With the certification, KCC has officially won recognition for its tile products’ eco-friendly technology.” He added, “Going forward, we will continue to develop eco-friendly products and technologies that can be trusted by and appeal to customers, and will step up our efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, in order to transform ourselves into an eco-friendly green company.”

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