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    KCC’s plaster board certified as ‘most eco-friendly construction material’
    update : 2012-10-24

    KCC, Korea’s No. 1 producer of construction materials, said on Oct 23 that “WATERWIN,” its high-performance, waterproof plaster board, had won the highest grade for the HB (healthy building material) Mark, a certification for eco-friendly construction materials, from the Korea Air Cleaning Association.

    The HB Mark is a validation system commissioned by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, which ranks the degree of emissions of the organic compounds TVOC and HCHO from the construction materials produced in Korea and elsewhere. There are three levels, ranging from acceptable to excellent, in compliance with the regulations on the validation of eco-friendly construction material producers.

    KCC’s ‘WATERWIN,’ which won the top grade in HB validation this time, is a high-performance, waterproof plaster board that uses a special material sheet that a product of KCC’s glass tissue technology. The product offers outstanding waterproofing performance due to the use of a special material sheet and treatment with a water-proofing liquid. It also features strong germ-prevention to prevent fungal growth. As a result, when installed in a bathroom or on balcony that are exposed to high moisture levels, it offers excellent performance, and can be used as finish material in and of itself.

    All of KCC’s plaster boards are produced using phospho-gypsum and flue-gas desulfurization gypsum, which can be recycled, and have won an Eco Mark in the wall and ceiling finishing material category (reason for certification: recycling of materials with limited supply and reduction of harmful substances). KCC was the first company in the industry to win low carbon footprint labeling last year, which reflects its commitment to cope with climate change through its plaster board production process.

    A KCC source said, “In compliance with the demand from consumers, who value their health and the environment, and government policy for “low-carbon green growth” and the pursuit of a “green home,” KCC has been constantly investing in the development of eco-friendly, functional products.” He added, “By using our plaster board’s HB certification, we will expand HB validation for our diverse product range and spearhead the eco-friendly construction materials market.” 

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