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KCC Silicone


We are reaching out to the world
with quality and technology

We produce and distribute various silicone products including silicone rubber, sealants for construction and industrial use, silane, silicone oil, silicone emulsion and silicone dispersion products.

Today’s building materials are essentially blends or composites of organic and inorganic chemical products. KCC has long taken pride in its position as market leader in these chemical fields. Up until recently, the two divisions within KCC operated separately, but now, they have been merged together to provide enhanced synergy, cost efficiency, and service to our multitude of highly valued customers. Consequently, Korea Chemical Co. Ltd., specialized in organic chemical products (mainly paints and resins for paints) has merged with Kumgang Chemical Co. Ltd. into a single legal entity entitled Kumgang Korea Chemical Co. Ltd., but still known as KCC for short. The technical integration of the organic and inorganic chemistry business under the same roof ensures better products, better technical service, and more competitive prices. It is KCC’s intention to continue to be a worldwide player of the industry in the 21st century and continue to invest in innovative R&D activities.


Silicone, oil extracted from rock
is the future of our industry

Until recently, a handful of multinationals from the US, Japan, Germany and France have monopolized the technology of this industry and have avoided transferring manufacturing facilities and technology. Considering that Korea depends solely on imported raw materials for silicone, import substitution will not only improve price competitiveness and pricing power, but also it will provide an opportunity to upgrade precision chemical technology as a basic national industry that will lead the growth of related industries, thereby enhancing Korea’s image and credit rating. KCC recently began full-scale operations at its Jeonju silicone monomer plant.

KCC invested over 200 billion won in R&D and 300 billion won in equipment over 13 years. The plant was completed based on KCC’s own technology after a series of pilot tests. In the past, Korea imported all raw materials for silicone from overseas, and consumption had been increasing by more than 7% each year. With more than $200 million in raw materials for silicone expected to be imported in 2004, the successful completion of the KCC plant will go a long way toward import substitution.

Starting with the opening of this silicone monomer plant capable of producing 25,000 tons a year, KCC is planning to expand production capacity to 75,000 tons in 2008, and 175,000 tons in 2011. As a result, KCC will become one of the top 4 silicone makers in the world, and play an important role in the development of the national economy by exporting silicone and substituting for about $600 million worth of imports every year.