President - KCC
고객의 신뢰성장과 끊임없는 연구개발로 초일류 정밀화학기업이 되겠습니다.

KCC is committed to sharing the future with our clients.

Founded in 1958, KCC has been establishing an advanced management system and has
diversified its business structure by expanding into the distribution of silicone and building
Moreover, KCC has been strengthening its foundation for overseas growth in a steady
manner through the expansion of our overseas manufacturing bases and global networks
in the UK, Germany, India, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Singapore and other countries in
Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

We are building a "Global KCC" - a world-class company that can compete with the world's
leading companies by vigorously investing in R&D and strengthening our export
In addition, we are providing valuable solutions tailored to meet our clients' needs by
securing core strengths, such as price competitiveness and differentiated products and
services, through the pursuit of first-class products and world-class productivity.

We are concentrating all of our efforts on developing "One and Only" products that can lead
the global market as well as add high value to our traditional products and services.
We are expanding our client base and market power by providing valuable solutions tailored
to meet our clients' needs.

Mindful of the fact that our clients are the source of our value, we are becoming a company
that is quick to answers their needs.
We will do our best to become a "KCC of the client, by the client, and for the client" -
a company that can be trusted to advance in partnership with its clients.

We will keep preparing for the successful launch of new businesses that will lay the
foundation for future growth through creative concepts and unrelenting innovation.
We are striving to become the world's leading company by making a qualitative leap in
business competiveness based on the trust of our clients and the expansion of our
global network.

We hope that you will closely watch KCC as it fulfills its vision of
becoming a "world-class precision fine chemical company"
through transformation and innovation based on
technological leadership.