Flooring Material - KCC
KCC’s technological power is creating an eco-friendly and sophisticated indoor space
By reflecting the hearts of people who pursue nature-friendliness, the beauty of KCC’s living space changes the world.
KCC is manufacturing and supplying various floorings and interior finish products of diverse functions and designs suitable for complicated housing environment.
KCC Floorings are durable, practical and has vivid, sophisticated and aesthetic designs that will make our environment more pleasant and comfortable.

KCC SUP, which comprises eco-friendly, residential floorings, is most suitable for your family's living space. There is almost no deformation of product from underfloor heating. In addition, our floorings have been verified for environmental performance by acquiring various eco-friendly certifications such as HB mark and E-mark. KCC’s commercial floorings are functional floorings suitable for various applications, such as business facilities, hospitals, schools, buses and vessels. A wide variety of features satisfy the required properties for each space type and with excellent durability, you can enjoy a luxurious appearance over a long period of time.

KCC’s floorings for buses and vessels apply special chips for enhanced durability and by applying a glass fiber layer, any product deformation caused by heat and humidity is significantly minimized. A variety of features and certifications make it suitable for special-purpose flooring, and the application of special color chips allow customers to enjoy a luxurious space with various patterns.

Market Application (Flooring)