Glass - KCC
Prevent energy leakage inside and beautify the exterior!
KCC glass manufactured by its state-of-the-art system and process has
the economic efficiency to save cooling and heating costs by sustaining the room temperature at a pleasant level.
The most representative, high-efficiency glass products made by KCC include e-GLASS and e-MAX.
The new e-GLASS HD with improved durability from e-GLASS also has an excellent energy-saving effect.

The application rate of KCC’s clear glass with excellent transparency is increasing with the growing expansion of high-rise and large-scale buildings. Clear glass is mainly applied for interior decorations such as mirrors, glass partitions, shower booths and show windows, as well as exteriors of buildings. Tinted glass provides a unique chromatic experience and adjusts the light transmittance to block direct sunlight while providing excellent design and glare prevention effect. Moreover, tinted glass is applied to electronics and home appliances industries which require high levels of quality in flatness, smooth texture and durability.

Automotive glass is largely classified into laminated glass and tempered glass. Laminated glass secures the driver's view from the wind, rain and dust while driving and protection against external impact. In addition, tempered glass provides impact resistance of three to four times stronger than float glass, and reduces the risk of secondary accidents caused by glass debris in the event of impact.

Market Application (Glass)