HomeCC Interior

HomeCC Interior offers services proposed by professional HomeCC interior experts through a systematic trend analysis
Customers can select finishing materials as easily as shopping, and see and experience interior styles at exhibition centers of Home CC Interior.

HomeCC Interior Style

    • organic
    • “Organic” uses light brown as the main color. It pursues a comfortable and bright space. “Light Natural” makes a space look young and comfortable, satisfying the needs of customers of all ages.
    • soft
    • “Soft” pursues lovely styles by matching bright colors. Modern but decorative elements in every corner appeal as a cozy and lovely space.
    • Trendy
    • “Trendy” mainly focuses on modern styles but pursues comfortable and sophisticated styles. In this chic but warm space, you can feel the warmth even in a cold city. This sophisticated style embraces bright and warm mono tones.

HomeCC Interior Store

As the largest construction & interior store in Korea, HomeCC Interior offers a unique one-stop shopping experience through 1:1 consultation on the excellent products manufactured by KCC as well as products of excellent partners of HomeCC Interior from home and abroad.

  • - Provide a reasonable price by simplifying the distribution steps
  • - Operate show rooms reflecting the latest trend by space
  • - Provide one-stop shopping service on over 30,000 products
  • - Operate various amenities to enhance customer's shopping experience
  • - Provide friendly and professional consulting services by interior experts during product selection

HomeCC Interior Partner

HomeCC Interior Partner is a service that guarantees installation quality with standardized interior designs and excellent materials, whereby customers can meet professional and reliable interior partners and small and medium-sized interior businesses can sustain their growth by winning construction projects.

  • - Undertake interior constructions through HomeCC Interior’s standard contract
  • - Provide customized 1:1 consulting services (by phone/visiting)
  • - Carry out on-site constructions using authentic materials guaranteed by KCC and distributed by HomeCC Interior
  • - Provide the latest information and customized interior style
  • - Provide a comprehensive interior service from design and installation to A/S service
  • - Provide reasonable and transparent quotations and information