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Silicone rubber is excellent in weatherability, temperature stability and insulation. With these strengths, silicone RTV is applied across a wide range of areas including our everyday life to modern industries such as insulation materials in electronics devices, LED materials, automobiles, aircrafts and space aviation.

Silicone RTV is a chemical compound made mainly from a silicone polymer that combines properties of both inorganic and organic substances and high-purity silica. With a more stable chemical structure compared to other elastomers, RTV secures electric insulation, chemical stability, durability and ozone resistance.
Moreover, it does not corrode or oxidize.
In particular, with superior heat resistance and cold resistance, excellent properties are maintained confidently even across a wide temperature range. Due to these properties, silicone rubber is widely used in diverse industries such as national defense and aviation where high levels of reliability and stability are essential, and is also applied to automobiles, electronic devices, foods and leisure goods.

Silicone rubber is applied to many parts of an automobile. To maximize the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, hoses made of silicone rubber are used to connect the intercooler that cools hot compressed air to the engine, and silicone rubber boots are applied to spark plugs used to ignite the gasoline engine to protect the body. It is used to make the hanger, which reduces noise from exhaust gas emission and supports the muffler, which purifies harmful substances, and is used as a wire harness connector that joins a number of automotive cables.

Market Application (Silicone)