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Automotive Industry


Electric parts

As the application of autonomous automobiles including HEV / EV is expanded and the number of electronic products reflecting the advanced technology along with the development of IT technology is increasing, the adhesion to various sensors and parts is excellent, the adhesive is bonded to most materials without primer, Demand for RTV is growing steadily.

Silicone RTV products with excellent properties in weatherability, temperature stability and electrical properties

have become the future industrial materials that satisfy customer demands on better quality and production enhancement as the industry develops.
From miniature modeling to electric and electronic products, automobiles, airplanes and aerospace, the range of applications is very broad so that they can be used consistently in both everyday settings and high-tech industries.

  • Adhesives & Sealants

    Sealants are used for adhering and protecting the coating of electronic parts. It is classified into condensation type (flowing, non-flowing) and additive type (flowing, non-flowing).

  • Thermal Management

    Thermal compounds and thermal adhesives increase the heat dissipation performance of electronic products.

  • Potting

    Potting is used for PCB protection, and classified as condensation type, addition type and gel type.

  • Micro Encapsulant

    Micro encapsulant includes LED encapsulant used in LED packaging and die-attach adhesives.

  • Coatings

    Conformal coatings (solvent type, non-solvent type) are applied to the surface of various electronic parts with a certain thickness and fiber coating.

Application Field

  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit), IC chip coating, adhesion, potting
  • Bonding voltage regulator
  • IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) gel
  • TIM (Thermal Interface Material) compound, adhesive (PTC Heater / ECU)

Lighting for Electric parts

As the LED industry, which has advantages of global energy saving and advantages of energy efficiency, longevity, and high speed response compared to existing light emitting sources, is growing, application of RTV material suitable for heat resistance, high brightness and high output is expanding.

Application Field

  • LED sealant, Die Attach Adhesive, Adhesive, White silicone for LED Reflector


  • PTC Heater / ECU board and case heat dissipation adhesive
  • Bonding voltage regulator for automobile
  • For car LED reflector