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Cerak Wool

Cerakwool is

Spun Ceramic Fiber, a high-temperature fire-resistant insulation material manufactured by the state-of-the-art Spinning method of KCC.
KCC, which was the first to develop ceramic fiber in Korea, has developed and produced Spun Fiber which is superior in quality than blown fiber by conventional blowing method. Spun Fiber has a longer fiber length than Blown Fiber, so it has excellent tensile strength and various physical properties.

  • Ships

    Applicable to A-Class fire-proof structure to prevent the spread of fire in ships.
    Officially certified by the classification societies such as Europe and USA.
  • Marine Plant

    Applicable to Offshore P / J for deep-water oil drilling. H-Class certified by European Classification Society.

Product Overview

Cerak Wool New-Bio

KCC Cerak Wool New-Bio is a fireproof heat insulator applied under ultra-high temperatures, mainly to HRSG, heat treatment furnace, forging heating furnace and fireproof structures of offshore plants. It meets the standards set by the EU TexTiles Regulatory Commission, which evaluates solubility levels of texTiles in the human body, and satisfies the European animal testing standard (Directive 97/69/EC) and Germany’s animal testing standard (TRGS 905) for its fast dissolution and discharge in the body even after inhalation.

Features of Cerak Wool New-Bio

  • High Temperature Stability: With a maximum temperature of 1,200℃, it has excellent product stability at high temperatures.
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity: With extremely low thermal conductivity at high temperatures, it has an excellent thermal insulation effect.
  • Low Thermal Mass: As the amount of accumulated storage of heat is quite small due to low density compared to firebricks, it can reduce heat loss caused by heat storage in the furnace.

Types of Cerak Wool New-Bio

  • BLUK

    • Furnace wall/ceiling insulation fillings
    • Fireproof fiber and heat-resistant reinforcement materials

    • General high-temperature insulations (electric furnace, diffusion furnace, etc.)
    • Fireproof structures of vessels (bulkhead, deck)
    • HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator - Heat recovery boiler

Certifications for fireproof offshore structures(A/H-CLASS SPECIFICATION)

  • Product Overview

    This is a fireproofing structure for ships, which is mainly used in cruise ships, cargo ships and fishing boats that have been certified with A/H-Class Fire Insulation by the international test specifications.
    ※ What is “fire insulation”? It refers to a structural application performed to defend and protect a specific area by separating it into designated zones to minimize damage resulting from fire.

  • Test specifications

    FTP Code (IMO, Ros,MSC, 307(88):2010)

Current State of Structure

Items Applications Systems Weight
A-60 Bukhead Cerak Wool New-Bio α 1200 60 mm Χ 80 kg/㎥ 4.8 kg/㎥
45 mm Χ 64 kg/㎥ 2.88 kg/㎥
Deck 45 mm Χ 64 kg/㎥ 2.88 kg/㎥
H-60 Bukhead 40+40 mm Χ 70 kg/㎥ 5.6 kg/㎥
Deck 40+40 mm Χ 70 kg/㎥ 4.8 kg/㎥
h-120 Bukhead 50+50+50 mm Χ 70 kg/㎥ 10.5 kg/㎥
Deck 50+60 mm Χ 70 kg/㎥ 7.7 kg/㎥


A-60 Bulkhead

A-60 Bulkhead 단면도

A-60 Bulkhead

A-60 Bulkhead 단면도

A-60 Deck

A-60 Deck 단면도