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Cerak Wool

Cerakwool is

Spun Ceramic Fiber, a high-temperature fire-resistant insulation material manufactured by the state-of-the-art Spinning method of KCC.
KCC, which was the first to develop ceramic fiber in Korea, has developed and produced Spun Fiber which is superior in quality than blown fiber by conventional blowing method. Spun Fiber has a longer fiber length than Blown Fiber, so it has excellent tensile strength and various physical properties.

  • Power Plant

    Cerak Wool is an essential material for improving the thermal efficiency of facilities exposed to high temperatures such as turbines, boilers and HRSG of combined cycle power plant that are main equipment of power plants.

  • Steel/steelmaking Industry

    Cerak Wool is an insulation material that can withstand ultra-high temperatures and areas directly exposed to flames in steel production and heat treatment facilities.

  • Petrochemical Industry

    Cerak Wool is an insulation material with strong chemical resistance at high temperatures. It is mainly applied by petrochemical facilities to the inner parts of the heaters to stabilize the production of high value added products.

Product Detail

Features of Cerak Wool


Physical Stability - New Bio

New Bio is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, super-high temperature fireproofing material that dissolves and emits rapidly in the body even when inhaled.

High-Temperature Stability

It has excellent product stability at high temperatures.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

With very low thermal conductivity at high temperatures, Cerak Wool exerts excellent insulation effects.

Low Heat Capacity

Cerak Wool has lower density and less accumulated heat than firebricks, thus, reducing heat loss caused by the accumulation of heat in the furnace.

Workability, Flexibility

Cerak Wool is light and flexible compared to conventional fireproof materials, enabling easy installation to any part.

Types of Cerak Wool

  • BLUK

    • Furnace wall/ceiling insulation filler
    • Firebrick fiber and heat resistant reinforcement

    • General high temperature insulator (electric furnace, diffusion furnace, etc.)
    • Furnace insulation lining/back up (oil refining furnace, hot wind furnace, etc.)
    • ASTM C 892 TYPE III / IV

    • Combustion mechanism gasket
    • Insulation firebrick expansion filling
    • Gasket for hot water boiler

    • General high temperature insulation
    • Furnace ceiling/wall insulation lining and insulation back-up
    • Filling and sealing expansion part in furnace

    • Steel•Steelmaking: Ladle cover for cracked, heated, heat treated furnaces
    • Nonferrous metals: Heating furnace, melting furnace, heat treatment furnace
    • Petrochemical: Heating furnace, divided furnace, reformer
  • Vacuum foam (Vacuum molding foam)

    • Combustion chamber of oil and gas boiler
    • Various gaskets
    • Flue liners
    • Tap out corn of aluminum melting furnace

    • Repairing filler of refractories
    • Doors of aluminum melting furnace
    • Outer wall sealing of glass melting furnace

    • Small line insulation of flue lines and field piping
    • Furnace Air Curtain
    • Cable insulation
    • Gasket, Wrapping
  • ROPE

    • Filler and sealing of bricks in furnace and kiln
    • Sealing around furnace door and burner

    • For strengthening the surface hardness of Cerak Wool
  • BOND

    • Adhesive between refractory and Cerak Wool for repairing furnace wall and ceiling
    • Installation of veneer module

    • Resistant reinforcement coating for flame of burner Tiles
    • Surface reinforcement on flame spray arrival surface
    • Oxidation resistant coating material (chlorine injection tube, graphite crucible)

Types of Cerak Wool New-Bio

  • BLUK

    • Furnace wall/ceiling insulation filler
    • Firebrick fiber and heat resistant reinforcement

    • General high temperature insulation (electric furnace, diffusion furnace, etc.)
    • Marine fire resistant structure (bulkhead, deck)
    • HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator - Heat recovery boiler


  • Turbin/Tank Insulation
  • Heat Treatment/Inside of heating furnace