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Mineral Wool

Plant Facility

Plants refer to facilities that produce finished products or semi-finished products such as industrial machinery, plant facilities, as well as industrial infrastructure such as power generation, oil refining, petrochemical, environmental facilities and steel making.

These plant facilities are constantly exposed to extreme corrosive environments such as wind, high temperature, salt and chemicals.
To this end, stronger physical properties are demanded more than ever before, and KCC’s products are being used around the world as KCC is recognized as an eco-friendly material manufacturer through technological innovation based on world-class technology.

  • Power Plant

    Mineral wool is essential for the safety of operators and fireproofing, thermal insulation and heat resistance to pipes, boilers and equipment in power plants, such as thermoelectric power plants, combined power plants and geothermal power plants.

  • Steel/steelmaking

    Mineral wool is an essential insulator for heat insulation of piping and equipment in coke oven and dust collection facilities for its advantages such as increased lifetime and noise reduction of facility.

  • Petroleum/Chemical

    Mineral Wool is an essential insulation material for piping/equipment that refines crude oil and manufactures high value-added products, and it has advantages such as increased lifetime and noise reduction of facility.

Type Feature Application
KCC Mineral Wool: Thermos Thermos is made by fabricating mineral wool. It is impact-resistant, is easy to install, secures high levels of heat insulation, and is suitable to be used as a heat insulator in pipes and piping facilities.
KCC Mineral Wool: Blanket KCC Blanket comes in rolls, providing high heat insulation and acoustic performance. They can be easily installed even on surfaces of complicated shapes.
KCC Mineral Wool Wired Blanket Wired Blanket has excellent heat insulation effects at high temperatures, high vibration resistance and flexibility. Heat retention/insulation of large-scale pipes, tanks, and vessels
KCC Mineral Wool: Insulating Board Insulating Board is made by using thermosetting resin and water repellent. It can be widely used depending on the applications to provide excellent thermal insulation, acoustic performance, heat resistance, diverse models and specifications.
KCC Mineral Wool: Loose Wool Loose Wool is made by bulk-processing general mineral wool. It is easy to fill and install, hence it is suitable for insulating facilities and various buildings with irregular shapes.