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Mineral Wool

KCC Mineral Wool

KCC Mineral Wool is a thermal insulator with excellent heat insulation property that blocks the movement and loss of thermal energy and maintains a constant temperature.

In particular, using inorganic minerals with non-flammable properties, it does not burn in the event of a fire and is strong against flames. KCC developed a low-density mineral wool installation system for exterior applications, which has a lower density, to reduce cost of raw materials and improve installation performance to achieve commercialization of inorganic insulators.

  • External Insulation

    Mineral Wool is used for insulation of exterior structures, such as outer walls and rooftops of buildings.

    Mineral Wool is a non-flammable material which plays a big role in preventing the spread of fire. In European countries such as Germany, the use of mineral wool has been mandated for a very long time, and is applied as a non-flammable building material on all floors over 6 floors.

  • Fire Door

    Mineral wool is used as the heartwood of fire doors designed to prevent the penetration of flames in the event of a fire, hence playing an important role in preventing fire-related damage.

  • Sandwich Panel

    Application of mineral wool as the heartwood of a sandwich panel can greatly contribute to enhancement of fire stability.


Type Feature Application
KCC Mineral Wool Insulating Board Insulating Board is made by using thermosetting resin and water repellent. It can be widely used depending on the applications to provide excellent thermal insulation, acoustic performance, heat resistance, diverse models and specifications.