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KCC Glass Wool

This inorganic artificial mineral fiber insulator was made by melting 6 types of glass ingredients, such as silica, at high temperature and fiberizing via high-speed rotation. By delicately weaving soft fibers, it secures excellent insulation and acoustic performance. As an inorganic material, it does not burn and there is no deformation over time, which guarantees semi-permanent use. With the maximum working temperature of 350℃, it is mainly used in construction fields. KCC Glass Wool Nature used a natural binder for the first time in Korea, and is the most eco-friendly product among the glass wool products developed until today. With the application of natural organic binder extracted from corn, the level of formaldehyde emission remains below the regulatory standard. As no harmful materials are used, it is more eco-friendly than the existing products. The main ingredient of Glass Wool Nature is silica (sand). Unlike organic insulators made from refining petrol several times, it does not emit Freon gas. Moreover, the level of energy consumption required across the entire lifecycle from production to disposal is lower than organic insulators. KCC Glass Wool is leading the prevention of global warming and energy resource preservation.

  • Construction-grade Insulator

    Having heat resistance, heat insulation, acoustic performance and non-flammable properties, glass wool is widely used as heartwood of ceilings, walls and lightweight partitions of buildings. Also, as it does not emit formaldehyde which is the major cause of sick house syndrome, it is the representative non-flammable insulator in Korea with its superior value recognized.

  • Sandwich Panel

    Sandwich panel containing glass wool as the heartwood will not burn in the event of a fire nor emit any harmful gases.

  • Duct

    Glass wool is used to cover duct, which is a passageway for the flow of air and gas. Its high insulation and acoustic performance have been recognized.

Features of KCC Glass Wool Nature


Heat Insulation • Cold Insulation • Thermal Insulation

KCC Glass Wool Nature was manufactured by the high-speed centrifugal technique. It has a uniformly thin fiber thickness, and the large amount of non-fibrous fibers are delicately woven to finely separate the air layer, hence the thermal path is effectively blocked to provide excellent thermal insulation performance.

Acoustic Performance

KCC Glass Wool Nature has thin and uniform glass fibers forming continuous micro air gaps. Hence, the sound pressure energy is converted to friction energy when various noises pass through the glass wool, thereby absorbing the sound to make a pleasant environment.


KCC Glass Wool Nature is a premium inorganic heat insulator with excellent heat insulation, condensation prevention and noise reduction. It creates 50% energy saving effect per installation, increased permanence of the building and pleasant residential area at an affordable price.


KCC Glass Wool Nature, which is an inorganic fibrous thermal insulator and non-flammable material that passed domestic and international test specifications such as KS and ASTM, does not burn and does not generate any harmful gases.


KCC Glass Wool Nature uses natural organic binder extracted from corn and emits zero formaldehyde to eliminate sick house syndrome. It contributes to environmental protection and saves resources by using recycled ingredients such as waste glass. (KCC acquired Environmental indication certificate, highest grade in HB mark, S mark and non-asbestos test report)

Easy Installation

KCC Glass Wool Nature has thin and flexible fibers that can be easily cut using a knife or scissors. With excellent compression resilience due to long fiber length compared to other materials, it is easy to transport, store and handle. Also, as it can be manufactured in various forms, it can easily be applied to any parts of a building requiring thermal insulation and acoustic performance.

Waterproofness · Durability

KCC Glass Wool Nature is treated with waterproofing properties to eliminate degradation in insulation performance from moisture, while securing excellent durability with a chemical glass composition that offers excellent weathering resistance and heat resistance. (Limited to waterproofed products)
  • Glass Wool Nature: Clean Mat

    This insulator, made from glass wool by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities covered by moisture-proof film to enhance installation convenience and prevent condensation, does not require additional moisture-proof layer according to the Energy-saving Design Standard, hence it features easy installation and is affordable.

  • Glass Wool Nature: Clean Roll

    This product is packaged using a compressor package and an elastic roll with superior resilience for easy carriage and storage. Also, with lightweight and flexibility, it is easily installed on surfaces with complicated shapes. It is mainly used for thermal insulation of buildings and heating facilities (tanks, ducts, etc.)

  • Glass Wool Nature: Acoustic Board

    This inorganic artificial mineral fiber insulator has fine continuous pores that absorb sound to block unnecessary noise by converting and eliminating sound pressure energy from various sound sources. Also, application of GCF (Glass Cloth Fabric) allows economic and clean finishing in areas with extreme noise such as machine rooms and air conditioning control rooms.


  • Building interior insulation

    • Product Name : Glass Wool Nature Clean Mat
    • Applications : Heat insulation of ceilings, walls and heartwood of lightweight partitions
  • nsulate building duct

    • Product name : Glass Wool Nature Clean Roll
    • Applications : Insulate building's heating facilities (tanks, ducts, etc.)
  • Sound-absorbing insulator for theaters

    • Applications : Sound-absorbing finishing material for machinery storage rooms and air conditioning control rooms, or as a sound-absorbing insulator for houses, broadcasting rooms and sound systems