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Silicone Emulsion

Silicone emulsion is made by dispersing silicone oil in water. Because it uses water as solvent instead of organic solution, it is eco-friendly, can be used to prepare various water soluble products. And its demand is increasing.
Even mixing of two liquids (water and oil) which do not normally mix using emulsifier and then dispersing in continuous fine grains is called emulsification, and the resulting dispersion is called emulsion. Silicone emulsion generally consists of silicone oil, water, surfactant and other additives.

  • Water Repellents for Exterior Walls

    Silicone oils have excellent water repellency and low surface tension.
    Water repellents include solvent-based water repellents that are diluted with organic solvents and silicone water-based water repellents that are emulsified with water and surfactants.
    Previously, solvent-based water repellents were commonly used, but in recent days there has been an increasing demand for water repellents that are more eco-friendly and not harmful to human body. These water repellents are used in concrete, mortar, walls, sidewalk block, etc., and they penetrate into the fine internal air gaps on the surface of the material, forming a water-repellent layer to prevent frost, whitening and aging and provide water repellent property.

  • Water Repellents for Insulators

    Water repellents for insulating materials are widely used for waterproofing and dust prevention of exterior walls and for insulators such as glass wool and mineral wool. It is emulsified by using highly reactive polyfunctional silicone oil or high molecular silicone oil as the base and gives excellent water repellency to material.