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HTV (High Temperature Vulcanizing )

HTV (High Temperature Vulcanizing) is a solid state silicone rubber which is cured and solidified before it is used as a rubber to cure by heating at high temperatures. Silicone rubber is a compound composed mainly of silicone high viscosity polymer (gum type) which combines both inorganic and organic properties, and high purity silica, and has a more stable chemical structure than any other type of elastic material.. Excellent electrical insulation, gas permeability, flame retardance and chemical stability, especially excellent heat resistance and cold resistance without corrosion or oxidation, can ensure excellent properties even in a wide temperature range.. Because of these properties, silicone rubber is widely used in various industries such as automotive, electric/electronic/household appliances, kitchen utensils, medical, food and leisure goods as well as defense and aerospace industries that require high reliability and stability..

Kitchen Utensils

HTV silicone is found in every corner of life from various cooking tools such as chopping boards and scoops to daily necessities such as swimming caps and watch bands.
They are eco-friendly, harmless to the human body and can be used safely.
In recent years, diverse consumer needs are being achieved by displaying excellent designs through various colors.


Silicone is a highly heat-resistant material that can withstand high temperatures of about 200℃ for a long time.
In addition, due to its low compression set, silicone is applied to heat-resistant roller products.

Medical/Industrial Hoses

Safe and eco-friendly properties are ideal for application on medical and industrial hoses.
In particular, addition-curing products do not emit harmful by-products, thus, the products are safe to use.


  • Kitchen utensils
  • Swimming Cap
  • Food Container Gasket