LSR - kcc


General-purpose Liquid Silicone

LSR is a highly heat-resistant product that can withstand temperatures of as high as 200℃.
In addition, it is eco-friendly and does not generate by-products because it is cured by using a small amount of platinum catalyst.
Therefore, LSR is widely applied to products including baby nipples, swimming bands, medical hoses and mouth pieces.

Fiber Coating

LSR is being applied to clothing and other industrial TexTiles coatings mainly because it is a liquid.
It is applied to TexTiles fiber coatings in response to the recent trends favoring silicones that are safe to the body and silicones of soft texture. LSR is excellent in heat resistance, water repellency and weather resistance when applied to industrial fibers such as fiberglass, thereby improving durability.
Moreover, LSR-coated fiber products with excellent flame retardancy can be produced for special applications by appropriately mixing inorganic fillers and flame-retardant agents.