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PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) is a high-functional adhesive with flexibility and adhesiveness even in extremely low-temperature conditions and does not melt under high temperatures for its excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, waterproofness, insulation, ozone resistance, low combustion, chemical inactivity and non-pollution. In particular, is has a superior adhesive strength to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, fluoride resin and silicone rubber which have a relatively low adhesive strength.

PRC (Paper Release Coating) is used to manufacture release paper thanks to its excellent release performance, waterproofness, cold resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical stability, lubrication and residual adhesiveness resulting from adhering materials. Applications of PRC include release paper for tapes and labels, coating materials with releasability for films and synthetic rubber.

  • LCD Protective Films

    This type of film is used to protect LCD screens from scratches or external impact. It is mainly used in manufacturing touch screens on smartphones. LCD protective film containing a silicone adhesive is the most widely used type as it guarantees superior workability (spreading/wetting) compared to other organic adhesives when attached to touch screens on smartphones and tablet PCs.

  • Process Protection Films

    With a lower level of surface tension (excellent workability) compared to other organic products, and excellent heat resistance and electric properties, silicone adhesives are used as a protective film for raw and subsidiary materials in various processes requiring heat resistance and electric properties in the electric and electronic industries.

  • Release Paper (or Release Film)

    Release Film, commonly referred to as release paper, protects the sticky side by being exposed to adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive adhesives and labels, preventing materials from sticking to each other before use and allowing the film to easily peel off even with a small amount of force. Silicone is the most representative ingredient of release coatings for its low surface tension and flexibility.