RTV - kcc


Cable Cladding / Insulation

Silicone's excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, and high-speed curing at medium temperature (below 150 ℃) form a stable and uniform coating film, and solvent-free type environmentally friendly RTV products are being applied.

Application Field

  • Glass fiber braided tubes and silicone rubber insulation tubes
  • Connection joints requiring electrical insulation and flame retardancy, wiring parts
  • Marine wire fill / watertight


The prototype of the vacuum mold model, as well as various molds ranging from complex handicrafts to ornaments, are available for a variety of other industrial applications.

Application Field

  • Vacuum Molding Molding Rubber, for replicating accessories, for producing crafts and daily necessities

Shoe for shock absorption

It is applied to various materials and products by using silicone material's excellent applicability, wide temperature and stable physical properties under various conditions, excellent resilience and vibration absorbing power.

Application Field

  • Sports goods Shock absorbing gel


  • Sleeve coating agent
  • Rubber for Mokup
  • Shock absorbing gel