Emulsion - KCC
KCC Silicone in Everyday Life
Colorless, odorless and tasteless silicone is not harmful to the human body, adds silky, smooth texture and offers excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and flame retardancy. With these advantages of silicone, KCC Silicone is used as an essential component from personal care products and household goods to electrical and electronic equipment, vehicles and buildings.

Silicone emulsion consists of silicone oil, water, surfactant and other additives.
While silicone oil can be used alone to meet various customer demands, it is processed into various forms.
Silicone emulsion, made by dispersing silicone oil in water, is eco-friendly since water is used as a catalyst in place of organic materials.
Silicone emulsion is mainly applied to products such as hair shampoo and conditioner.

Market Application (Silicone)