KCC Silicones in Everyday Life
Colorless, odorless and tasteless silicone is not harmful to the human body, adds silky, smooth texture and offers excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and flame retardancy. With these advantages of silicone, KCC Silicone is used as an essential component from personal care products and household goods to electrical and electronic equipment, vehicles and buildings.

HTV (High-Temperature Vulcanization) is a type of silicone rubber, which is in a solid state prior to curing under high temperatures.
It can be fabricated in various methods, and having excellent properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance and flame retardancy compared to organic rubber, it is used across a broad range of fields such as electric and electronic industries, as well as in automobiles, space aviation, kitchen supplies, construction, industrial and medical applications.
It can also be found in home appliances such as remote controls and computers as well as keypads, packaging materials, kitchen appliances, leisure items, food containers, hoses, tubes, wires and cables.

Market Application (Silicone)