Heavy Duty Protective Coatings
Heavy Duty Protective Coatings and Paintings which are also expressed as "High Performance Protective Coatings", refer to a coating system that protects steel structures exposed to a severely corrosive environment condition such as bridges, offshore structures, nuclear power plants, various plants, containers and vessels.
The importance of Heavy Duty Protective Coatings and Paintings is increasingly emphasized due to the safety accidents of large projects such as the collapse of bridge and the grounding of ships.

To summarize the characteristics of the Heavy Duty Protective Coatings and Paintings

  • The coating system of Heavy Duty Protective Coatings and Paintings can maintain long-term physical properties over 5 ~ 10 years in severely corrosive environments such as the sea, underwater, coastal industrial area.
  • It can reduce the number of coatings with thicker coating film.
  • In addition to rust prevention, it is required to be able to reduce the repair coating cost by having excellent water resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance.
  • Furthermore, as environment-friendly coatings satisfying various regulations of the recent environmental protection, excellent stability, economical efficiency, and preservation of resources are required.

As such, the Heavy Duty Protective Coatings are excellent in protecting large-scale structures from corrosion for a long period of time including all types of floating facilities, marine structures, containers, bridges, power plants, chemical and oil refineries, tanks and etc., which are exposed to harsh and corrosive environments such as underwater, the seaside, tropical regions, and subarctic climate.