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Extremely Low Friction Silyl Methacrylate AF EgisELF

There can be several known factors which can affect the frictional forces which take place between water and antifouling coatings. Among them, the most dominant factor would be surface roughness of coatings, which can be divided into two components.

Eco-Friendly Solvent-Free paint EH3000

With growing environmental concern, solvent-free epoxy coating is one of the key development directions of environmentally friendly anticorrosive coatings. Unlike high solid coatings, solvent-free epoxy coatings do not contain or contain only negligible amount of volatile organic solvent.

Introduction of Monitoring Survey Team 2020

The Proactive Coating Care Program is being operated to provide advanced quality control services for the vessel’s main areas such as Cargo Hold/Cargo Tanks, Water Ballast Tanks, Weather Exposed areas, Outer Hull, etc. Some of the program’s features include periodic coating survey, pre D/D service, technical consulting, education for maintenance, etc. Various customer issues are also solved by the program.

Introduction of Overseas Marine Sales Team

The 24 hours of each day is literally too short for KCC’s busy Overseas Marine Sales Team. All 14 members of the Overseas Marine Sales Team perform marine coatings sales tasks such as repair ship coatings promotion activities and new ship coatings promotion activities with the aim to service the whole world, including Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

KORMARINE 2017, KCC’s marine coatings Optimized for Marine Environments

KORMARINE 2017, an international shipbuilding and marine industry exhibition, was held at BEXCO in Busan from October 24 to 27. The exhibition provided the opportunity to see at a glance the latest technologies and cutting-edge equipment in the fields of shipbuilding, offshore plants, oil and gas. It formed a platform for KCC to introduce its specialized paints, flooring materials, and insulating materials for the shipbuilding and marine industry and share the latest trends and technologies.

Environment-friendly Marine coatings going strong

The shipbuilding industry, which is the main industry of marine coatings, is recently experiencing diverse changes due to a sharp decline in ship operations, and strengthened environment-friendly regulations of international ship related organizations.

KCC Marine Coatings with Excellent Antifouling Performance

Recently, as environmental protection related regulations have intensified, the marine industry should also use coatings with reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) according to the Clean Air Conservation Act.

Sailing toward the world Together

Many factors decide the sailing efficiency of a ship. One of those things is the coating used on the surface of the ship. The coating protects the ship from tide and the ecosystem of the water, to extend the life of the ship and improve sailing efficiency.

KCC Wins World-Class Product of Korea for Six Consecutive Years !

Two marine coatings products of KCC Co. (Chung Mong-Ik, CEO) have been selected by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Corporation) as “World-Class Products of Korea”.