Heavy Duty Coatings
The Heavy Duty Protective Coatings help to extends the lifespan of large steel structures exposed to highly corrosive environment for a long time such as ships sailing across the oceans and marine plants standing in the middle of the sea and makes the exterior look more beautiful.
Therefore, they should be excellent in rust prevention as well as sea-water and water resistance.
KCC produces Heavy Duty Protective Coatings with outstanding product capabilities including marine coatings, offshore plant coatings and water-based container coatings.
Furthermore, its competitiveness is well recognized by world-renowned shipping companies.

Offshore Coatings


It is also called marine production facility for exploration / drilling / extraction / production of marine resources buried deep in the sea. Typical examples are deep drilling rigs (drillship) and floating production storage offloading (FPSO).

These installations must be painted with highly functional offshore plant coatings that are difficult to maintain and repair once installed.

Offshore Structures

  • Fixed Platform

    Platforms built on concrete or steel legs anchored directly onto the sea bed.

  • Jack-Up Rig

    A type of mobile platform consisting of a buoyant hull fitted with a number of movable legs.

  • Semi Rig

    Semi-submersible drilling rig.

  • Drill Ship

    A maritime vessel often used for exploratory offshore drilling of new oil or gas wells in deep waters.

  • FPSO

    Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit is used to process hydrocarbons and store oil.

Track Records

  • Platform

    22 projects

  • Jacket

    7 projects

  • Drill Ship

    6 projects

  • FPSO / FSO

    7 projects

  • Drilling Rig

    9 projects

  • Others

    7 projects

By Country

Projects as of June 30, 2017

KCC Coating Systems for Offshore Steel Structures

KCC Coating Systems for Offshore Steel Structures
Areas Coating Systems
Atmospheric Zone 1st Inorganic Zinc (or Epoxy Zinc)
2nd Epoxy High-Build
3rd Urethane (or Polysiloxane)
Splash Zones Glass Flake Reinforced Solvent-Free Epoxy
Ultra High-Build Solvent-Free Epoxy
Unsaturated Polyester
Immersed Zones Universal Epoxy
Aluminium Pigmented Epoxy
Amide-Cured Epoxy
Fire Protective Zones Passive Fire Protective Coatings

Ceritifcate [NORSOK M501 System]

Ceritifcate [NORSOK M501 System]
Standard System No. KCC’s approval system Test Rev.
NORSOK M501 System 1 IZ180N (75u) + EP170QD (25u) + EH2350 (175u) + UT6581 (50u) Rev.4
EZ175 (75u) + EH2350 (110u) + EH2350 (110u) + UT6581 (50u) Rev.4
IZ180N (60u) + EP1700 (30u) + EH2030 (150u) + ST1020 (60u) Rev.5
EZ175 (75u) + EH2350 (175u) + UT6581 (60u) Rev.5
EH2350 (175u) + EH2350(175u) + ST1020(60) Rev.5
IZ180N (60u) + EP1700 (30u) + EH2351 (150u) + ST1020 (50u) Rev.5
EH2030 (175u) + EH2030 (175u) + ST1020 (60u) Rev.6
EZ175(60u) + EH2350(160u) + UT6581(60u) Rev.6
IZ182(S)(SB) (8u) + EZ175 (60u) + EH2352 (160u) + UT6581(60u) Rev.6
System 3B IZ182 (15u) + EH2351 (175u) + EH2351 (175u) Rev.4
EH2030 (160u) + EH2030 (160u) K-4049
EH2350 (160u) + EH2350 (160u) K-4050
EH2350(P) (160u) + EH2350(P) (160u) K-4051
EH2351 (160u) + EH2351 (160u) K-4052
EH2352 (160u) + EH2352 (160u) K-4053
System 4 IZ180N (60u) + EP1700 (30u) + EH3200(GF) (500u) Rev.5
EH2350(150u) + EH3200(N)(1,000u) Rev.6
System 5A EZ175 (60) + EP1700 (50u) + FIREMASK 3200 (6000u) Rev.6
System 7A EH3200(GF) (1000u) + EH3200(GF) (1000u) Rev.4
EH3200(GF) (300u) + EH3200(GF) (300u) Rev.5
EH2030 (175u) + EH2030 (175u) Rev.5
EH2351 (175u) + EH2351 (175u) Rev.5
PC4288 (600u) + PC4288 (600u) Rev.6
System 7B EH2351 (175u) + EH2351 (175u) Rev.4
EH2350 (175u) + EH2350 (175u) Rev.4
IZ182 (20u) + EH2350 (175u) + EH2350 (175u) Rev.4
IZ182 (15u) + EH2370 (175u) + EH2370 (175u) Rev.4
EH2030 (175u) + EH2030 (175u) Rev.5
IZ182(J) (15u) + EH2030 (175u) + EH2030 (175u) Rev.6
EH2350 (175u) + EH2350 (175u) Rev.6
IZ182(J)(S/B) (15u) + EH2350 (175u) + EH2350 (175u) Rev.6

Certificate [ACQPA System]

Ceritifcate [NORSOK M501 System]
Standard System No. KCC’s approval system Test Rev.
ACQPA Im2 ANI EZ175 (50u) + EH2351 (200u) + EH2351 (200u) -
EP170QD (50u) + EH3200GF (400u) -
EH2351(GF) (300u) + EH2351(GF) (300u) -
EH2350 (225u) + EH2350 (225u) -
EH2030 (225u) + EH2030 (225u) -
EH3000 (225u) + EH3000 (225u) -
Im2 ZNI EP1700 (50u) + EH2030 (175u) + EH2030 (175u) -
C5Ma IZ180N (75u) + EP1700 (30u) + EH2350 (175u) + UT6581 (50u) -
EZ175(75u) + EH2350 (200u) + UT6581 (50u) -
IZ180N (75u) + EH2030 (200u) + UT6581 (50u) -
IZ180N (75u) + EP1700 (30u) + EH2030 (175u) + ST1020 (50u) -
C5Mm EZ175 (75u) + EH2350(GF)(200u) + EH2350(GF)(200u) -
IZ180N (75u) + EP1700 (30u) + EH3250 (GF) (375u) -