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KCC Marine Coatings with Excellent Antifouling Performance

  • With various eco-friendly regulations becoming more stringent, the market for marine coatings is rapidly changing and it is now necessary to obtain environmental certifications for all marine coatings.
  • Amid this trend, KCC proudly released its ecofriendly marine coatings, strengthening its market competitiveness.

Recently, as environmental protection related regulations have intensified, the marine industry should also use coatings with reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) according to the Clean Air Conservation Act.

The control standards for VOCs Coatings have become stricter and the regulation item range has also widened from marine coatings to steel structure coatings.

Shipbuilders should use the diluent recommended by the manufacturer for coating within the maximum dilution ratio to comply with the coating VOCs standards, and it is necessary to check whether these coating agents use eco-friendly coatings. With such regulations, ship related companies are now more careful in selecting which marine coatings to use.

With eco-friendly marine coatings gaining popularity, KCC has developed the Galvany Shop Primer IZ182(S), which is not only eco-friendly but also highly functional. This product has excellent anti-corrosion performance and welding workability even with thinner paint film (8㎛), compared to that of existing paint film(15㎛) which ultimately raised technological expertise while reducing the amount of paint being wasted by cutting VOCs and coating usage to one half.

The core technology of Galvany Shop Primer IZ182(S) is that it forms thin but uniform paint films.

It not only has an excellent spread ability which is important for paint spraying but also performs excellently as an anti-corrosive with thinner paint films.

Also, the thin film type galvanic shop primer IZ182(S) has earned the approval of Over Weldable Shop Primers for weldability from the major classification, and obtained various international certificates for its excellence by satisfying PSPC (Performance Standard for Protective Coating) and the NORSOK-M501 standards, which are developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry.

VOCs Regulations of Marine coatings

No Classification of Use VOCs Content (g/L)
1 Anti-fouling paint under 500
2 Non-toxic Anti-fouling paint under 450
3 Anti-corrosion paint (1pack) under 550
4 Anti-corrosion paint (2pack) under 550
5 Finishing paint (1pack) under 500
6 Finishing paint (1pack) under 500
7 Main primer (Inorganic zinc primer) under 600

Silyl Acrylate "EgisPacific(L)" for Low Activity Vessels

Recently, increasing numbers of ships have been lowering their running speed in order to minimize the ship operating cost as well as to follow environmental regulations. Accordingly, a great number of shipowner companies are stressing over the anti-fouling performance degradation.

To solve this problem, KCC started to work on developing a marine coating in 2010 and as a result, KCC succeeded in releasing EgisPacific(L), which has an excellent anti-fouling performance for even low activity vessels.

By adjusting the anti-fouling content and increasing the hydrophilic monomer to increase reactivity with sea water, EgisPacific(L) has shown an outstanding anti-fouling performance for long-term berthing. In addition, compared to the conventional A/F paint, EgisPacific(L) is resistant to abrasion and can stably support the ship sailing at low speed. When the ship is berthed, EgisPacific(L) performs better than conventional anti-fouling paint.

Features of KCC Silyl SPC Anti-fouling paint

Item EgisPacific EgisPacific(P) EgisPacific(L)
Solid 55% 55% 55%
Paint film thickness Thin film type Thin film type Thin film type
Lay days 21 day 21 day 28 day
minimum speed
12Knots 10Knots 8Knots

Likewise, as EgisPacific(L) is fit for low-speed ships and ships with low operating rates, lay days were prolonged up to 28 days and the lowest speed of sailing was lowered to 8 Knots.

Also, prior to delivery of a ship, EgisPacific(L) showed excellent performance in the surface properties test and the spreadability test as it prevents A/F paint from discoloring, which occurs from time to time when a ship is in contact with sea water for a long period of time while the ship is berthed at the shipbuilding yard. In addition, EgisPacific(L) obtained a TBT-Free certificate from the major classification society for having the necessary performance for anti-fouling paint.

As a leader in the marine coating market, KCC plans to develop products by taking the changes and issues in the marine coatings market into consideration.

EgisPacific(L) certificates received from the major ship classification association