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KCC Wins World-Class Product of Korea for Six Consecutive Years!

  • KCC’s anticorrosive coating has been recognized as a “National Product” for 6 consecutive years and its antifouling coating for 4 consecutive years.
  • KCC stands firm in the global market share with its “eco-friendly, highperformance” products.

Two marine coatings products of KCC Co. (Chung Mong-Ik, CEO) have been selected by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Corporation) as “World-Class Products of Korea”.

KCC announced that its anticorrosive coating (Korepox EH2350) and antifouling coating (Seacare A/F795) have been selected as “World-Class Products of Korea” for the sixth and fourth year respectively. Among Korea’s marine coatings manufacturers, KCC is the first ever to achieve such record-setting performance."

“World-Class Products of Korea” is an official recognition ewarded to products that can potentially lead Korea’s export industry, more specifically, those with a global market size of over 50million dollars per year, an nnual export volume exceeding 5million dollars and the global market shares in the top 5 range, exceeding 5%.

KCC’s anticorrosive coating is a global product exported across many markets with a high reputation for its out-standing quality and performance. KCC has maintained its high market shares in the global market with its strong, independent technological foothold.

KCC’s anticorrosive coating, Korepox EH2350, has been designated “World-Class Product of Korea” for six consecutive years as it boasts excellent salt-water resistance and abrasion resistance in severe environments, and long-life protection of steel structures such as underwater tanks and pipe lines by preventing the occurrence of rust.

KCC’s antifouling coating, Seacare A/F795, has been selected as “World-Class Product of Korea” for four consecutive years for its outstanding antifouling effects. Seacare A/F795 has been developed to maximize the operation of the vessel by protecting it against sea life living on the hull surface. As one of KCC’s most representative marine coatings, Seacare A/F795 has been applied to not only thousands of vessels from many countries but successfully gained global attention at the September “SMM2014” in Hamburg, Germany.

“Recognition by the World-Class Product of Korea clearly shows that KCC’s products have joined the ranks of the world’s highest-quality products, while representing Korea with its excellent quality and strong technological know-how,” KCC’s spokesperson stated in an interview. “KCC will not only develop high value-added products to secure bigger market shares in the global market, but work to have more of KCC’s products listed as World-Class Products of Korea through sustainable investment and development of new technologies.”