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KORMARINE 2017, KCC’s marine coatings Optimized for Marine Environments

  • KORMARINE 2017, an international shipbuilding and marine industry exhibition, was held at BEXCO in Busan from October 24 to 27. The exhibition provided the opportunity to see at a glance the latest technologies and cutting-edge equipment in the fields of shipbuilding, offshore plants, oil and gas. It formed a platform for KCC to introduce its specialized paints, flooring materials, and insulating materials for the shipbuilding and marine industry and share the latest trends and technologies.

KORMARINE 2017 is a large exhibition attended by 910 exhibitors from 45 countries around the world. The latest technologies in the shipbuilding and marine industry were showcased across more than 2,000 booths at the exhibition. KCC set up its booth in the main hall and introduced high-performance materials, such as marine coatings, passive fire protection paint, and insulation materials. The booth, painted in KCC’s distinctive shade of blue, was designed and made by the Marine & Protective Coatings Team reflecting customer needs. KCC installed an information panel that provided at-a-glance information about customers’ desired products, and the company also set up more tables than other booths so that interest in its products could lead to concrete consultation opportunities. KCC’s booth was crowded with visitors throughout the exhibition and played an important role in securing potential customers by providing them with in-depth consultation, rather than just having them take a passing look.

The high-performance shipbuilding and marine coatings introduced by KCC at KORMARINE 2017 include antifouling paint, top coat, and passive fire protection paint. Anti-fouling paint is a paint that prevents marine creatures from attaching to the underwater surfaces of ships and is attracting keen interest from shipbuilding companies since it affects sailing speed and fuel costs. KCC’s booth also saw a constant stream of inquiries about the company’s anti-corrosive paint which prevents iron from rusting, top coat which strengthens the durability of ships due to being coated on their outermost surfaces, and passive fire protection paint which prevents toxic gas emissions in the event of a fire. In addition to its paint products, KCC also showcased a variety of its other shipbuilding and marine products, including high-durability insulating and flooring materials.

On October 26, the third day of the exhibition, an hour-long technical seminar on KCC’s high-performance marine coatings was held. The seminar venue was filled to the brim with participants and served as a place to share the new technology used in KCC’s marine coatings and the company’s development roadmap. The seminar was largely divided into three sections: “antifouling paints” “anti-corrosion and top coatings” and a presentation of “application examples for KCC marine coatings”. Each paint manager took the podium and analyzed the features and benefits of KCC’s new technology and new products in a scientific manner, which increased the perceived reliability of KCC’s paints.

The seminar attendees showed high interest not only in the products themselves, but also in their application examples and KCC’s technical support work. KCC showed itself to be more than capable of providing immediate technical feedback on its products and painting work. It also strives to come up with alternatives in painting and maintenance as well. The seminar attendees displayed great enthusiasm for the technical services of KCC. “It was great to be able to check the state of vessels a few years since they were painted with KCC paints via an assortment of vivid visual materials,” said attendants at the exhibition. He also cited KCC’s constant technical support as a key point of differentiation. To satisfy ship owners and shipbuilders, KCC is making every effort in enhancing the competitiveness of its products and securing the best constructability for the products. KORMARINE 2017 has proven to be a dynamic step forward in KCC’s pursuit of becoming a leader in marine coatings.